Quick Facts About IT Services Outsourcing

For you to better understand how things look like, let us start with some quick facts:

  • Global market size of outsourced services reached almost 90 billion in 2017;
  • Eastern Europe occupies the top position among the IT outsourcing destinations;
  • Top 3 outsourced IT functions are software application development, software application maintenance, and data centers.

In-house software development built the basis for this outsourcing hype. IT services in such countries as the USA are extremely expensive and face many difficulties:

1. Lack of Specialists

With the comprehensive development of technologies and industries, it is getting harder and harder to hire competent specialists. One of the best possible options is an internship for students and novices. But unfortunately, you cannot get a high-quality solution if your team consists mostly of newbies.

2. Costs of the Services

This point is closely connected to the previous one. As the demand rises, the software engineers do not hesitate to increase their salary expectations. In this situation, the employer has no choice but offer the above-average salary to recruit a person.

3. Time-Consuming Tasks

Recruitment services are essential. So you either need to take care of it yourself or hire experienced recruiters to look for IT specialists. In both cases, a lot of time is required. All this time could have been devoted to something more important for your growing business.

A combination of these points can lead to disaster. This is why outsourcing has come to the scene.


Soft Skills of Eastern European Talent Pool

The majority of the developers are young people with more of an open mindset.  They are progressive in term of culture. When taking mentality and personality into consideration, Romanians and Moldovans tend to be more risk averse which sometimes leads to a lack of innovative approach. Ukrainian and Polish developers, in turn, have more comprehensive experience working with global technology companies and top software development companies. Thus, Eastern European developers are closer in mentality to West Europe, the USA, and Canada than the representative of India or China.

Reasons to Choose Eastern Europe for Outsourcing

  • Skilled developers to build any custom software solution from scratch
  • Cultural similarities to feel at ease with your development team
  • Convenient location for vis-a-vis meetings
  • Wide range of technologies to produce an app tailored to your needs
  • Little or no time differences for better communication
  • Growing IT market to deliver improved software products



5 Reasons to Outsource Your Product to Eastern Europe

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe appeared only around a dozen years ago. And now, in light of in-house development difficulties, it deserves more attention.

Some entrepreneurs still hesitate about whether it is worth it to outsource the product development. Well, yes, it is. Hundreds of famous companies have reached their success thanks to the highly skilled developers who work for them remotely.

Let us take a look at the top reasons to start looking for a software development company in Eastern Europe:

  1. 1. Financial Profitability
  2. 2. Cooperation with Highly Skilled Professionals
  3. 3. Process Optimization
  4. 4. No Additional Investments
  5. 5. Focusing on the Business Development



The Cost for Outsource Software Development to Eastern Europe


Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development to Eastern Europe

Eastern European Countries have a lot in common as most of them used to be a part of the USSR and share vestiges of that period. However, what connects these countries even stronger is their invincible desire to reach for improvement. Today, Eastern Europe is developing at the speed of light, which has resulted in an outbreak of innovative specialists in different industries, among which tech professionals really stand out.

While Eastern European software developers have achieved great results and are renowned around the world for their high-quality work, economies of their countries still lag behind. This makes cooperation with software developers in Eastern Europe rather beneficial: you receive a high-quality product for a price that is lower than the average rates in Western European countries. However, reasonable rates aren’t the only benefit that attracts business owners to build extended teams in Eastern Europe countries. Here are five reasons to cooperate with Eastern European developers:

Massive Talent Pool

Western Europe has been suffering from a tech talent shortage for quite some years now. It touched the Nordic countries in particular. By contrast, Eastern Europe is now facing the opposite tendency — the number of talented developers has been constantly growing, and currently there are more than a million skilled software developers in the region. Western business owners can benefit from these tendencies — choose skilled software developers from the vast tech talent pool in Eastern Europe and cooperate with them through the extended team model.

High-Quality Technical Education

The quality of technical education in post-Soviet states is very high. According to the QS World University Rankings, 30 universities out of the 369 top educational institutions in Europe are located in Eastern Europe. Education is one of the main reasons Eastern European tech workers rank among the best software developers in the world.

Convenient Geographical Location and Timezones

The time difference between Eastern and Western Europe is one to two hours on average, which is practically negligible for efficient daily communication. Moreover, traveling within Europe is very convenient, as you can reach most Eastern European tech hubs within a couple of hours from any part of Western Europe.

There are also direct connections with major US cities. Although travel time takes obviously longer, a maximum time difference of ten hours still makes it possible to set up efficient cooperation with the help of daily sync-ups and flexible working hours.

Similar Cultures and Mentality

Eastern and Western Europe have multiple cultural and economic ties and only a few serious differences. Moreover, Eastern European providers usually follow international business codes of conduct, which makes it easier to set up transparent and efficient cooperation.

English Proficiency

According to the English Proficiency Index, most Eastern European countries have moderate or high English proficiency levels. Furthermore, English skills among IT professionals are traditionally higher than the country’s average.

Some of Eastern European countries such as Belarus and Ukraine enjoy a solid governmental support in the field of IT outsourcing. This and many other factors make Eastern Europe one of the leading outsourcing destinations worldwide.


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